Get Your Team Together for this Fall’s Project Boulder League!

Teams must climb together once per week. Teams will be given a scorecard for that week’s results. Top 5 problems for each person count towards that week’s score, which is divided by the number of team members climbing that week. Each person can only count a problem once towards their score, but multiple team members can count the same problem. Problems are given their equivalent points to their V-grade. All problems in the gym are eligible for scoring. Points are awarded for completed problems only. Problems are completed when the climber holds the top with two hands or tops out the problem. Team members will judge each other as to a valid ascent.

Weekly Team Score: The top five hardest boulders completed by each team member, divided by the number of team members in attendance that week.

Team Ranking: Will be calculated as the sum of a team’s weekly score.

League Standings: Will be updated weekly on the scoreboard at the gym.