Dear Project Members,
In an effort to do our part for our community in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily close our doors effective immediately. We believe climbers are community minded, global citizens, and we believe you are with us in this decision! Help #flattenthecurve

We would also like to remind you that we are a small locally owned business and we anticipate some difficult times ahead. We have committed to paying our staff for the remainder of March, and hope to be able to further assist them financially during these difficult times should they need it. Additionally, as of now small business has been offered little financial support by the powers that be, meanwhile we are expected to continue to pay our bills and lease. It’s not easy to ask for help, but we ask that if you’re able to, that you maintain your monthly payments while we weather this storm. We also understand that many of you are facing the same situation, so if you need to freeze your payments we completely understand. If you’re a pre-paid member or a drop in climber and you would like to support us during this time we will be rolling out a 5-visit pass and membership sale when, and if, the time is right. Please see below for details concerning your current membership or punch pass.

We’re going to take this valuable time to complete a few tasks around the gym, and will keep you updated as the situation develops. When we do re-open we will have an entire gym full of new climbs for you!

For Monthly Payment Plan Members: Please use the form at the bottom of this paragraph to freeze or maintain your monthly payment. We ask those of you who are financially able, to stick with us in these difficult times, and understand that this may not be an option for all of you. You may also choose to adjust your payment if you can’t afford to support us with the full amount. We are not offering cancellations at this time. We would greatly appreciate it if every payment plan member took the time to fill this out, but if we do not receive a form from you by April 15, we will not run your payment through. Should our closure extend beyond April you may use this form again to update your preferences. (Please note: those choosing to freeze their memberships will have pro-rated dues upon resumption of payments in order to account for the 2 weeks we were closed in March after payments we already withdrawn)

Update Payment Form:

For Pre-Paid Members: Your membership has been frozen as of March 16. When we decide to re-open your membership will automatically un-freeze. We will not maintain freezes beyond this point unless the reason falls within our normal freeze policy (injury/illness/out of the country).

For Previously Frozen Pre-Paid Members: Your membership is still frozen, and will remain frozen until you notify us to un-freeze your membership.

For Punch Pass Holders: Your passes will not expire, they will be here for you when we re-open!

For Youth Team Members: We are monitoring the situation and will update everyone when things become more clear as to the extent of our closure. Currently we hope this is short lived, and can simply push back the start and end dates of our teams.

Thank you to everyone in our community who have offered kind words and messages of support so far!

Love, Team Project