We receive a lot of questions about how young is too young to climb at our facility. We suggest 7 years as a good starting age, however every child is different size and ability wise. We do have a minimum weight of 40lbs in order to use one of our harnesses.


New to climbing? Wanna try? Here are some options to get you started:

1) Bouldering:

Bouldering is climbing to a maximum of 13 feet without being attached to a rope, after which the climber jumps or falls onto mats on the floor. It is harder than climbing the roped routes and is very popular with our adult members. No experience is required to do this and you won’t have to make a booking. Look at the diagram below to see how bouldering works! Wikipedia also has a great explanation of bouldering.

*See Waivers, Bouldering: $16, Rock Shoes (recommended): $5

2) Top Rope Climbing:

Top Rope climbing at Project Climbing Centre requires 2+ people. We can offer a short lesson on our auto locking belay devices (based upon staff availability) or you may choose to book ahead for a more in depth Top Rope Belay course, to learn how to properly belay (hold the ropes) for your climber.

Please see our Courses page for more information on our Top Rope Belay Course.

3) Group Climbing Session:

Book in advance for your small group to enjoy a climbing session! Booking ahead will ensure we have staff to help you throughout your session. The staff will hold the ropes and give tips and encouragement along the way.

 Please see our Groups page for more information.