Kids’ Climbing Club

(Taking wait list for Spring 2020)

This club is for youth aged 9-12 who are just starting out in their climbing career! Participants learn how to belay, about climbing technique, as well as develop their physical strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and problem solving skills. No experience is necessary. The club meets two days per week and runs for 10 weeks. Cost is $230 and includes equipment rental except rock shoes. Please call to register or for more information. Credit card or deposit is required at time of registration. (Feel a little too mature for the Kids’ Climbing Club? Check out the Recreational Climbing Team below!)

Recreational Climbing Team

(Taking wait list for Spring 2020)

This team is for youth aged 12 to 19 who’ve had some experience climbing but do not wish to compete, or are too old for the Kids’ Climbing Club. Climbers are guided by a coach and are free to learn and improve at their own pace, in a non-competitive atmosphere. This program is also a great stepping stone to the Competitive Team. New to climbing? Participants aged 12+ without previous experience are encouraged to take our Introductory Course prior to joining this program.

Two Day Per Week:

One Day Per Week (Teen Climbing Team):

Competitive Climbing Team

This team is for youth aged 10 – 19 who have extensive rock climbing experience and would like to train for competition climbing. Team is by selection. Please contact Brock at 604-864-2917 for further details.