Climbers, we’re putting out the bat signal for Project Boulder League! Get your old team back together, or create a whole new roster! There are lots of reasons to compete in this years’ Boulder League, whether it’s to make new connections, to challenge each other in your climbing goals, or to get your team name on the trophy! Last year’s trophy went to “No Punt Intended”, will they defend their title or will a new team take it?

Finals Schedule and Information:

Finals will be scramble format. This year ALL TEAMS are invited! This is because your final score will be a combination of your weekly total, plus your score in finals (problems are worth DOUBLE in finals). There will also be “team problems” for bonus points. Rules for team problems will be discussed before the round starts. Each person’s final score will be the total of their five hardest boulder problems. At the end of the round each team will add up the scores of all team members and divide by total number of team members (present or not), plus any bonus points from the team problems.

Can’t wait to see everyone!



Point Values for V0/V0+: A V0 will be worth half a point, a V0+ will be worth .75

Weekly Team Score: The top five hardest boulders completed by each team member, divided by the number of team members on your team.

Team Ranking: Will be calculated as a running total of your team’s weekly score.

League Standings: Will be updated weekly on the scoreboard at the gym.