Here are our rates! New climbers can find more information here about their first visit to the climbing gym.

Monthly EFT members can freeze/terminate/thaw their membership HERE

SALE! Post Secondary students can get an 8 month pass for $499 including tax. Only available until September 30, and then it’s gone until next year!

Day Rates


Drop In


Student/Youth Drop In


**Waiver** Required for under age 19. Must be completed by minor's own parent.
*We cannot take drop in birthday parties, please book in advance.
*For drop in under the age of 14, group size is limited to 4. Parent supervision required. Larger groups may book our birthday party slot.
*Minimum recommended age: 7 , Minimum age: 5

Membership Rates

Rate Student/Youth

Ten Visit Pass

175 155

One Month*

96 87

Three Month*

260 234

One Year*

747 673

Monthly EFT**

70 63

One Year Family***


One Year Family Add Child


Family Monthly EFT** ***


Family Monthly EFT Add Child


*Prepaid memberships include one membership freeze for injury, illness, or extended travel. The One Year membership includes two membership freezes. Additional freezes require doctor's note.
**A void cheque is required to start a monthly EFT membership.
**Cancellation fee applies within first 12 months.
**Monthly fee continues after 12 months.
***Includes two parents and one child under 18, or one parent and two children under 18.

Memberships and ten visit passes are non refundable.

MEMBER PERKS! Get one guest pass per month with any of our monthly memberships! Unused guest passes do not roll over. The recipient must not have used a guest pass within the past 30 days.

Rental Rates


Rock Shoes






*Under 12 harness for auto-belay wall is included with day pass.